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What you can expect for your actor headshot session


Friendly Reminder- Your actor headshots aren't just about making you look marvelous (which you will anyway). It's to help casting director's see who you are, and what they may choose you to audition for. With that in mind, here's some tidbits to move you in the right direction:


Clothes for your actor headshots- Choose only what looks good on you, and fits you.

Stick with solid colors. Avoid designs that distract casting directors from your face. 

Bring at least 3 changes- this can provide more options to casting. Have your clothes cleaned and pressed beforehand. Unless casting is looking for a slob, you don't want to be seen in wrinkled, shabby looking clothes.

Jewelry- If a role you want to audition for requires jewelry, bring some. Be sure that it's specific the role you're after. Otherwise, leave it at home to avoid distracting casting directors.

Hair- Wear your hair the way you wish to be photographed. Wash and condition and/ or cut if needed as close as possible to the actor headshot session.

Make up- Unfortunately, I do not have a makeup artist on staff, but I can assist you in selecting one if needed. Remember, your actor headshot is not a fashion shoot. Keep it simple.

Come with an open mind- To get good actor headshot(s), we're going to step your game up. Some of what we will do may feel odd at times, but you'll have images that will make you look, and feel,  like a BOSS. I guarantee it!


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