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Actors, can I let you in on a little secret? 

Casting Directors want you to succeed.

They want you to land those auditions.

They want you to make it in theatre, TV, and the big screen.

But in order for any of that to happen, Casting Directors have to see your actor headshots.

The good news is I can help you give Casting Directors what they are looking for.

When you work with Imaged Photography, you're not just getting someone that will take a nice picture of you. You're getting someone who will be genuinely invested in achieving your goal: catch the Casting Director's eye.

An when that happens, your chances to get more auditions will improve.

Which means your chance at landing roles improves.

Which means your chance to become a star improves.

The rest, is up to you.

If you're serious about building your success story in movies, television, or theatre, then getting quality actor headshots are the first step. Let's get started.

I'm Victor Logan, owner and operator of Imaged Photography Services of New York, and I look forward to working with you very soon!







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